Wyldest – Monthly Friend (Album)

Monthly Friend is the second album from singer, songwriter and producer, Wyldest. It is her first album in two years and follows her 2019 debut album, Dream Chaos. Zoe Mead, who performs under the Wyldest moniker wrote mixed and produced the album herself.

The album explores womanhood and the different ideas that relate to it. “Throughout the album, I visit these feelings through metaphors, largely related to nature,” Wyldest says. “I always found it really ironic that women commonly get compared to fruit,” she continues. “Peaches for example get over-ripe and people throw them away, discard them, when in fact they are probably at their most delicious and nutritious,” she concludes.

She has a lot of interesting things to say about the subject and I wish that I could include it all. But perhaps the best way to learn more about what she has to say is to listen to her new album. It includes her previous singles “Hollow”, “Beggar” and “Heal”. Monthly Friend is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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