Thursday, 9 April 2020

Ari Lennox - BUSSIT (Video)

Ari Lennox's "BUSSIT" is liberated from the 'director's cut' of Revenge of The Dreamers III, the compilation album from J. Cole's Dreamville Records, and deservedly so. It was one of the standout tracks from the album and it's great to see it get the video treatment. "BUSSIT" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Jonah Yano - shoes ft. Tatsuya Muraoka (Video)

Jonah Yano will be releasing his debut album, souvenir, on June 19th via Innovative Leisure. The album's first single, "shoes", features his father Tatsuya Muraoka and reflects on the emotional reunion that the pair had after 15 years apart. "The song in my dad’s Japanese lyrics are about a pair of shoes he bought me when I was a kid," Yano explains. "My verses question his absence from my childhood and my general confusion about my circumstance, which was a fatherless upbringing in an entirely different country as a result of my parents' separation." The song and the accompanying video are even more enjoyable once you learn the backstory. "shoes" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed & edited by Jonah Yano.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Weeknd - Until I Bleed Out (Video)

The chaos continues to reign in The Weeknd's new video "Until I Bleed Out". It is the latest visual for his new album After Hours. After being decapitated in his last video, "In Your Eyes", his head seems to be back where it should be but his character is still in a bad state. Perhaps the last video was a metaphor that he was off his head and this video is him dealing with the results of that. Who knows. "Until I Bleed Out" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by XO.

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Manga Saint Hilare - Make It Out Alive (Album)

Manga Saint Hilare is an artist that must be protected, he is a Grime veteran that has been pushing the genre forwards for the past few years. Using the best of Grime and not being shy of expanding beyond the most obvious flows, beats and topics. Lyrically he's one of the sharpest and his songs are always filled with quotable bars. His new album follows on from his 2019 collaborative album with Merkage Dave, We Need To Look After Us, and as the title suggests it's especially appropriate for the current times that we're in. The album features P Money, Novelist, SBK, Snowy plus more and includes production from the likes of Wiley, Sir Spyro, Silencer, Jammz, Lewi B and more. Make It Out Alive is out now and you can hear it below:

Apple Music


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Forest Law - Forest Law EP

It's such a shame that bands can't tour and perform live at the moment. Watching Forest Law perform "New Thoughts New Eyes" in their Brownswood Basement Session made me fall in love with the band and seeing them actually perform live would have no doubt been better. For now at least their smashing self titled debut EP will have to do. The Forest Law EP is out now on all formats including 12" vinyl.

Nia Ekanem - Shelter

Birmingham, singer-songwriter Nia Ekanem gives us an uplifting song on his latest release "Shelter". Press play and listen to it loud, the song is lovely. "Shelter" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.