Wyldest – Hollow (Video)

Wyldest is the artist moniker of singer/ songwriter, Zoe Mead today announces her new album, Monthly Friend, will be released on May 28th. She wrote, mixed and produced the album herself, although that wasn’t always the plan. “Firstly I entertained the idea of mixing it myself and then sort of laughed it off,” Wyldest reflects.

She spent the summer mixing music for friends which gave her the confidence to do it for own music too. The album documents Mead’s empowerment both as an artist and as a woman. Being an entirely self-sufficient musician in addition to overcoming gender stereotypes and societal constraints. Topics that are especially relevant in the light of recent events in the UK.

Aswell as the album announcement Wyldest has also shared a video for its lead single, “Hollow”. “I wrote this song about change, something that I believe is the only way the human race can continue to exist,” says Wyldest. “So I’m celebrating it, believing that it’s happening,” she concludes. “Hollow” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify. Wyldest’s new album, Monthly Friend, is available to pre-save now on Apple Music.

Directed and edited by Mark Van Heusden.