Birdy – Young Heart (Album)

Birdy has today released Young Heart, her first album in five years. It is quite a departure from her last album, Beautiful Lies, which she released in 2015. “My last record was a lot more theatrical – there was a lot going on, it was a big production,” Birdy notes. “Whereas this is quite stripped back – anything that didn’t need to be there, isn’t.There’s no decoration,” she adds.

It’s an emotive album that captures an artist who is in a dark moment, looking for the light. “This album means a lot to me – I want to protect it,” Birdy says. The album includes her previously released singles “Surrender”, “Loneliness”, “Deepest Lonely” and “Second Hand News”.

Young Heart is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below. Birdy will also be performing a selection of songs from the album today at 4pm BST to celebrate the album’s release on YouTube.

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