CASISDEAD – Boys Will Be Boys (Video)

CASISDEAD returns with his latest cinematic “Boys Will Be Boys” music video starring Emma Rigby and Jo Hartley. The video follows a glamorous celebrity as she prepares for a glitzy showbiz event while dealing with her inner conflicts.

Although CASISDEAD doesn’t appear in the video, the illusive rapper’s song acts as a soundtrack for the onscreen tale. This being CASISDEAD, the video also includes a dark and horrific twist that would have made it ideal for Halloween.

The song is a continuation of the Synth Pop sound of his La Roux-assisted previous single “Park Assist”. I’m loving this sound and can’t wait to hear CASISDEAD’s forthcoming album. “Boys Will Be Boys” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Ed Skrein.

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