CASISDEAD – Park Assist Feat. La Roux (Video)

Enigmatic rapper CASISDEAD is back and it seems that he is taking things to a higher level. His La Roux-assisted, Com Truise produced new single, “Park Assist”, is his first on his label XL. The song is a continuation of the Synth Pop sound of his previous singles “Pat Earrings” and “Before This”.

CASISDEAD has never been an artist to conform to the norm and his new single continues that trend. Increasingly rappers are pushed to constantly release music in an effort to ‘stay relevant’. But this is CAS’ first single in three years, since 2018’s “Pat Earrings”.

The song also only has one verse but it’s a good one and it’s a long one. “Park Assist” is the first single from CAS’ long awaited debut album which I can’t wait to hear. The song is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.