Orla Gartland – Woman on the Internet (Album)

Photo Credit: Karina Barberis.

Dublin-born, London-based singer-songwriter/producer Orla Gartland shares her debut album, Woman on the Internet. She wrote teh album during the first lockdown in early 2020 in her studio in Acton and recorded it later that year.

“When I was a few songs into writing the album it became clear that Woman on the Internet is about the chaos of my 20s,” Orla notes. “It’s a different chaos to your late teens, such a different brand of angst, she adds. “I feel so much more settled and sure of myself now than I was when I was 18 or 19 but I’m still just half the person I’m going to be and to capture that became really important.”

The album follows Orla’s first two EPs, Why Am I Like This? and the follow up Freckle Season, which was released in February last year. The album includes the singles “More Like You”, “Pretending”, “Zombie!”, “Do You Mind?”, “You’re Not Special, Babe” and “Things That I’ve Learned”.

Woman on the Internet is out now on Apple Music and Spotify. Orla’s debut album was independently released so if you’re going to purchase it, consider buying it direct from her here. You can also listen to the album in full below.

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