J. Cole – Applying Pressure: The Off-Season (Documentary)

Ahead of the release of his sixth studio album, J. Cole shares his Applying Pressure: The Off-Season documentary. The rapper and producer released the album’s lead single, “i n t e r l u d e”, last week. This documentary gives us more insight into the forthcoming album.

J. Cole cites similarities now to his mindstate when he was working on his 2009 mixtape, The Warm Up. “One more time before I leave,” he tells 21 Savage. “Before I feel like I’m fulfilled in this game, let me try to reach new heights from a skill level standpoint.”

The documentary paints a picture of someone who is enjoying the success that has come through his hard work. But he is someone who is still very conscious about the quality of the art that he releases now. So much so that he has taken steps to enable him to, “refocus, wake back up and lock back in.” And help him realise full potential and resharpen his skills as a rapper.

“This is the moment that alot of your favourite rappers hit a cross road,” he points out. “Where they did what the fuck they set out to do and then the fruits of their labour started working against them.” He adds, “that passion and energy that they put into their craft was gone. And it was replaced by like comfort and luxury.”

This documentary paints the picture of an artist who is very much aware of the pitfalls that come with the position that he is in. Of a rapper that is still driven to be the best he can be and deliver music of real quality. How that translates to his music we will have to wait and see. J. Cole’s sixth studio album, The Off-Season, will be released this Friday.

Directed by Scott Lazer.

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