Best New Albums – Week 8 2017

The best of this week’s releases includes JONES’ Acoustic EP, Future’s self titled album, Jonwayne’s Rap Album Two and Mila J’s Milaulongtime mixtape. Listen to them and more in full below.


London singer songwriter Cherie Jones aka JONES’ Acoustic EP is splendid. The eight song EP contains acoustic versions of previous singles like “Indulge”, “Hoops” and “Wild” along with an acoustic cover of Calvin Harris’ “How Deep is Your Love”. The EP is a great introduction to the singer, whose songs sound even better when stripped back. Jones’ Acoustic EP is aslo avilable to stream on Apple Music.
Best Songs: “Hoops”, “Wild”, “Becoming”

Mila J – Milaulongtime (Mixtape)

Mila J released her Milaulongtime mixtape on Valentine’s Day as a surprise.  The seven track RnB mixtape shares the same name as her snapchat handle Milaulongtime. Looks like it’s only available to stream on Soundcloud for the moment  though.
Best Songs: “Fuckboy”, “Yesterday”, “The Long Way”

Future – Future

There’s some bangers on Future’s new self titled album, but if you’re not keen on basic, formulaic rap then you’re not going to enjoy it. Future’s new self titled album is also available to stream on Apple Music.
Best Songs: “Good Dope”, “Zoom”, “Mask Off”

Jonwayne – Rap Album Two

Admittedly I wasn’t too familiar with Jonwayne’s music before listening to his latest release, Rap Album Two. Before that the only John Wayne I knew of was the one that featured in Hollywood Westerns. This one is a skilled technical rapper, that’s a brilliant alternative to the dumbed down rap music of today. Jonwayne’s Rap Album Two is also available to stream now on Apple Music.

Jidenna – The Chief

Jidenna brings you a bland, generic brand of pop music with an RnB sound. Not only can Jidenna sing but he can also rap, frequently mixing the two throughout the album. The best example of his rapping abilities is the album’s crudley titled penultimate song “White Niggas”. There’s a few good songs but not enough to warrant listening to this album in full. Jidenna’s new album The Chief is also available to stream on Apple Music.
Best Songs: “Helicopters/ Beware”, “The Let Out”, “Safari”

Bebe Rexha – All Your Fault: Pt 1 EP

Bebe Rexha’s brand of RnB is very upbeat and has a strong dose of Pop, much like her new EP’s lead single “I Got You”. She’s clearly going to have a massive year and her songwriting has alot to do with why. There will be a follow up to Bebe’s All Your Fault: Pt 1 EP to be released in April, let’s just hope that it’s a little more adventurous than part 1 is. Bebe Rexha’s All Your Fault: Pt 1 EP is also available to stream now on Apple Music.
Best Songs: “I Got You”, “Gateway Drug”, “Bad Bitch”