Best New Albums – Week 12 2017

The best new albums to be released this past weekend include Drake’s latest offering More Life, Rick Ross’ new album Rather You Than Me, Frances’ debut album Things I’ve Never Said and UK Garage super group TQD’s UKG. You can listen them and the other best new albums below, in full.

Drake – More Life
Following several delays Drake dropped his latest project (or playlist as he calls it) titled More Life. The project includes a variety of genres including Hip Hop, RnB, UK Funky, and Afrobeats. There’s also a heavy UK influence with London rapper Giggs featuring on two songs, Jorja Smith is featured on “Get it Together” as well as Grime MC Skepta and there’s even a song titled “Gyalchester”. More Life is easily the best album to be released over the weekend even though some of the songs don’t feel complete and it feels more like a mixtape. More Life is also available to stream on Apple Music.

Frances – Things I’ve Never Said
While it’s good to hear Frances show some variation by switching up the tempo on a few songs, it’s on the ballads that she sounds best. “Let it Out” and “Don’t Worry About Me” still sound great almost a year after their release and that’s a testament to Frances’ songwriting and singing talents. Things I’ve Never Said is also available to stream on Apple Music

Royal T, DJ Q, and Flava D link up to from TQD, their debut collaborative album UKG is a brilliant reminder that UK Garage isn’t dead. The songs are largely up beat feel good instrumentals with small vocal samples, with the sole vocal feature being P Money on “Ghosts”. Highlights include the brilliantly named “A Letter to EZ” and “Baked Beans”. TQD’s UKG is UK Garage production at it’s best. UKG is also available to stream on Apple Music

Bonkaz – Quality Control 2.0
One thing that’s evident on Quality Control 2.0 is that Bonkaz can rap, very well. The opening intro track is a taster of his abilities with lines like, “Rappers like Slazenger, they make the same old racket.” While his ability at writing stand out bars is his greatest strength and songwriting ability shines on songs like “Easier”, on which he speaks about depression. Quality Control 2.0 is also available to stream on Apple Music.

Rick Ross – Rather You Than Me
Rather You Than Me is remarkably, Miami rapper Rick Ross’ ninth studio album. His inability to write good choruses or expand beyond the trademark (and now dated) Rick Ross beat is evident on poor songs such as “She on My Dick”. Rick Ross has a smooth flow, but when mixed with his slow orchestral beats this album gets boring very quick. Not leaving much to enjoy. Rather You Than Me is also available to stream on Apple Music.

Zara Larsson – So Good
The thing about pop music is much of it is safe, bland and emotionless. The same can be said for Zara’s ironically titled debut album So Good. Even though many of the songs are about relationships, much of the album lacks emotion. Previous singles “Lush Life” and “Never Forget You” are however two of the album’s better songs. Not sure why anyone would listen to this in its entirety. So Good is also available to stream on Apple Music.

ANOHNI – Paradise EP
ANOHNI’s Paradise EP is one of the most exciting new releases this week. Not because it’s an EP full of bangers (because it’s certainly not) but because it’s not safe, bland or generic. The production doesn’t sound like every other song that you’ll hear on the radio, you can feel the pain in ANOHNI’s haunting voice and most importantly: the music sounds good. Paradise is a dark, emotive and (much needed) experimental take on pop that is well worth a listen if you can handle its bleakness. ANOHNI’s Paradise EP is also available to stream on Apple Music.