Best New Albums – Week 7 2017

This week’s best new album is Devlin’s The Devil In, if you’re not familiar with him or haven’t heard it yet listen to it in full below along with Nines’ new album One Foot Out, Lupe Fiasco’s new album DROGAS Light and the best new EPs including SiR’s Her Too EP and Laura White’s The Painted Door EP,

Lupe Fiasco – DROGAS Light

Lupe Fiasco’s DROGAS Light is probably his best release since his 2009 mixtape Enemy of the State: A Love Story. Like the mixtape, DROGAS mixes the current sound (drill) with Lupe’s master lyricism, which is far easier to enjoy than any of his recent albums. Anyone for the heavy version of this?
Best Songs: “Dopamine Lit (Intro)”, “Promise”

Nines – One Foot Out

Nines’ raps are probably less fictitious than your average rapper considering his rap sheet but his lowkey, lazy delivery makes this fifteen track album feel like it’s far longer. Shame that.
Best Songs: “High Roller”, “Trap Music”

SiR – Her Too EP

SiR is the newest artist to join Top Dawg Entertainment and now counts Kendrick Lemar, SZA and ScHoolboy Q as label mates. Like them he’s a talented and exciting artist, his latest release the Her Too EP is the follow up to his Her EP which was released late last year. It’s a smooth and soulful EP that you’re bound to have on repeat after your first play.
Best Songs: “Ooh Nah Nah”, “SUGAR”

Laura White – The Painted Door EP

Wigan singer songwriter Laura White’s The Painted Door EP is well worth a listen. She sounds alot like a younger, poppier version of Amy Winehouse. She makes pop music with a bit of soul and RnB thrown in. Much of this EP would be a staple on daytime radio of their were made on the quality of the music alone.
Best Songs: “That Girl”, “Unbelievable”

BEST NEW ALBUM: Devlin – The Devil In

London Grime MC turned rapper teamed up with Term X Rachet for his third studio album The Devil In. The independent route seems to have been a good mood for him as there aren’t any songs desperetaly yearning to be played on daytime radio. It’s just Devlin’s incredible lyrical ability on show alongside arguably the best production you’ll hear Devlin on to date. This is one the best rap releases of the 2017.
Best Songs: “Cold Blooded”, “Blow Your Mind”, “Blue Skies”