Greentea Peng – Sengsation – A Product Man Made (Documentary)

Following the release of her debut album, MAN MADE, Greentea Peng unveils a documentary about the making of her recently released debut album, MAN MADE. “440 Hz is the industry standard,” she notes early on in the documentary. “This whole album is 432 Hz. We’re breaking rules!,” she then reveals. It’s a brilliant insight into Greentrea Peng as an artist as well as the approach that her and her Seng Seng Family took to create the album.

“I’m not necessarily saying that I’m going to heal the person (the listener) cos I’m battling bruv,” says Greentea Peng. “But at the end of the day down to the fucking sonics of it, my intention is love,” she states. That’s something that really comes through in the album and it’s even more apparent with this documentary. It’s an album made with love, care and honesty and this documentary helps you to appreciate all that has gone into making it.

Directed by Melody Maker.

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