Greentea Peng – Free My People ft. Simmy & Kid Cruise (Video)

Greentea Peng unveils “Free My People”, the final single to be released ahead of her long awaited debut album. She is joined by Simmy and Kid Cruise on the uptempo, conscious track. Once again It’s a Reggae inspired soulful track that’s once again filled with a message that should give us all food for thought.

“Free the people. Worldwide. Every corner. Gaza, Colombia, India, Africa, Venezuela. All of us,” says Greentea Peng. “Free us from illusion and tyranny. Free the youth. To the most high, may we free our minds.”

Greentea Peng’s debut album, MAN MADE, will be released on June 4th. You can pre-save the album now on Apple Music. I can’t wait to hear it. “Free My People” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Melody Maker.