Iszlai – All Into Now (Album)

Budapest-based Electronic Producer, Iszlai brings us an interesting interpretation of Grime on his new album All Into Now. He describes the album is being, “Jazz influenced Electronica,” but it sounded more like atmospheric Grime to me. Although the album is more than this, it feels expansive and progressive, bringing a multitude of sounds together. “Slow Jam” lives up to its name, while “Vibe Check” has more of a chilled melodic, experimental Grime feel to it. He did everything on the album, playing and recording all the instruments including guitars, keyboards, digital synthesis, tape loops – the lot! It is his fourth album following his 2020 album, Jazzamped, which had a stronger Soulful, Jazz influence. All Into Now is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.