Puma Blue – In Praise of Shadows (Album)

Singer-songwriter Puma Blue, has just released his wonderful debut album In Praise of Shadows. He was one of the best new acts to emerge in 2020 and he duly delivers on his debut album. It’s introspective, Soulful music infused with Jazz, with a dreamy, late night feel to it. The album title was inspired by a book by Japanese author Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, with both works of art sharing themes of finding sparks of light in the all-enveloping darkness.

This is certainly one of the best albums to have been released so far this year. It includes previous Song of The Day “Already Falling”, “Opiate”, “Snowflower”, “Velvet Leaves” and “Silk Print”. In Praise of Shadows is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.

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