Karl Zine – HYPER (Album)

Karl Zine who is one half of alt-pop duo RINNGS, has today released his debut album HYPER. The album explores and dissects relationships, “from the euphoric ‘hyper’ highs of idealised fantasies,” Karl explains. “To the debilitating lows of often imperfect realities resulting from lost love and heartbreak.”

It’s an album that refuses to be confined to one genre, there’s hints of RnB, Jazzz influences aswell as moments of minimal electro. “The production was not aimed at a specific genre, but was chosen to try to capture the mood of the subject matter, drawing on a wide range of influences,” says Karl.

HYPER includes the rather brilliant “Outrun” as well as previous singles “Call It A Day”, “Saffron”, and “Greenscreen”. HYPER is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.

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