Daria Arkova – Nothing

Photo credit: Andréa Brodkorb

Today French singer-songwriter, Daria Arkova has released her stripped back, melancholic debut single, “Nothing”. She explains, “this song is about being and feeling ‘enough’ in a society that makes me think I’ll never be worth it as a person.” She adds, “I feel that sometimes it’s quite hard to be myself and when I’m brave enough to try, I realise that most of the time, it’s easier to be someone else, or to be nothing.” It’s really hard not be moved by this and not feel for what Daria is going through. “Nothing” is the first track to be taken from Daria’s eponymous EP which will be released in early 2021. I hope that in time she can realise that she really is enough and has lots to offer. “Nothing” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.