The Streets – Cyberspace & Reds (Mixtape)

THIS IS SIIICK & came as a pleasant surprise! Notable collabo’s include Wiley & Ice Kid on “Don’t Hide Away”, Wretch 32,  Jammer, Trim and a return to form for Kano..

1. “Came In Through The Door” (Feat Kano)
2. “4 O’clock”
3. “Don’t Hide Away” (Feat Wiley, Rinse And Ice Kid)
4. “Too Numb” (Feat Roxxxan)
5. “Backseat Barz” (Feat Loudmouth)
6. “Tidy Nice And Neat” (Feat Ghost Poet)
7. “The Morning After The Day Off On One” (Feat Trim)
8. “Cinema Barz” (Feat Jammer)
9. “Breakbat Barz” (Scru Fizzer)
10. “Something To Hide”
11. “Robots Are Taking Over” (Feat Envy And Elro)
12. “Cross That Line” (Feat Fumin)
13. “Minding My Own” (Feat Wretch 32)