Estelle – #ialmostmadeamixtape (Mixtape)

Estelle just dropped a new mixtape with DJ Trauma entitled, #ialmostmadeamixtape. Estelle said that she wanted, “to put something out to say thank you…so people don’t think it’s just about American Boy.” #ialmostmadeamixtape features a diverse mix of genres from Hip Hop to Lovers Rock and shows Estelle’s versatility. Featured artists include John Legend, Nas, Kardinal Offishal and Maino. 

Track list and FREE download link below..
1. #almostanintro
2. Dear London
3. Fall in Love Remix ft John Legend and Nas
4. #almostafreestyle ft Kardinal Officishal
5. Keep it Like It Is
6. They Say ft Maino
7. Star
8. Dance With Me
9. The Rocks
10. No More
11. MainStream
12. Ghetto ft Meek Wilson
13. Until I Met You
14. Since I Came ft Vaughn Anthony & The Tom Hardy
15. I Can Be A Freak (Pon Di Floor Remix)
16. #almostanoutro