DJ Logan Sama presents – Keepin it Todd Edwards (Mixtape)

Here’s a brand new mix of all the best Todd Edwards tracks by DJ Logan Sama. It didn’t come with a cover so I’ve knocked something up for your visual pleasure.
So when I first started buying records to listen to at home on my Dad’s single hi-fi turntable back in 1999 there was one producer who’s records I used to HUNT DOWN. And I mean hunt. Second hand shops, shady ebay scam artist sellers, allsorts. This man was Todd Edwards. So many amazing memories listening to his music when I was younger, and a huge number of Grime artists in their mid to late twenties will tell you the same!

So on the first week of sunshine I put together this full on Todd Edwards mix. All vinyl and a pair of Technics 1210s, with authentic vinyl crackle and the occasional quiet press record. I even left in a needle jump when I originally uploaded it, but my OCD kicked in and I had to edit that shit out! But still, the vinyl crackle remains there so you can get that real old school vibe! I had almost forgotten how hard it was to keep two Todd Edwards records in time once you bring the mix in. DJs will know about those drum kits blending into one disorientating blur!
FREE Download link and tracklisting below..
Veda Simpson – Ooh Baby (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)
Todd Edwards – Never Far From You
The Sample Choir – The Praise
Todd Edwards – Show Me A Sign
Indo – R U Sleep (Todd Edwards Re-mix)
Ali – Love Letters (Todd Edwards Dub)
TJR – Just Gets Better (Todd Edwards Underground Version)
Gruv;n Disco Affair – You Don’t Want To Lose It (Todd Edwards Reconstruction Mix)
Heavy Weather – Love Can’t Turn Around ( Todd’s Love Can’t Turn Around Mix)
Todd Edwards – Dancing For Heaven
Nicole – Runnin’ Away (Todd Edwards Remix)
Da Mob ft Jocelyn Brown – Fun (Todd Edwards Cut-Up Mix)
Todd Edwards – Sunshine, Sunrise
Todd Edwards – Winter Behaviour
Todd Edwards – Saviour Tonight
Todd Edwards – Saved My Life
Todd Edwards – Perfect Love
Todd Edwards – Beckon Call
Songstress – See Line Woman (Todd Edwards Mix)
Todd Edwards – Shut The Door
Todd Edwards – Come Around
Hakan Lidbo – Walk Away (Todd’s Walker This Way Vocal Remix)
Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better ( Todd Edwards Dub Better Remix)
Benjamin Diamond – Little Scare ( Todd Edwards Main Vocalized Remix)
Moloko – Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pleasure For Dub UK Dub)
Bonnie Pink – Sweet (Edwards Extended Vocal Mix)
Todd Edwards – Thank You
Sound Of One – As I Am (Todd Edwards N.Y. Dub)
Todd Edwards – Winter Behaviour
St Germain – Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)
Jay Collins Super 20 – Don’t Turn Your Back On Love (Sunshine Bros. Mix)
Todd Edwards – Forgiven
MJ Cole ft Liz Troy – Crazy Love (Todd’s Underground Mix)
Lonyo – Ayia Napa (Todd Edwards Perfect Paradise Vocal)
Todd Edwards – Fly Away (Ambient Mix)