Self Esteem – Prioritise Pleasure (Video)

Photo Credit: Olivia Richardson.

Self Esteem is an experimental-pop project by the musician Rebecca Lucy Taylor. She has just announced the details for her new album, Prioritise Pleasure, and shared visuals for the title track.

She describes the album as, “cleansing myself of the guilt and fear of being a woman who is ‘too much’.” Rebecca continues, “and replacing that very notion with a celebration of myself, of you, of being a human and the way that isn’t always easy or perfect, and that’s ok. ”

Self Esteem’s new album, Prioritise Pleasure, will be released on Friday 22nd October. It will also inlcude Self Esteem’s previous single “Self Esteem”. You can pre-save it now via Apple Music.

The empowering title track embodies that theme and focuses of self love. “The song is a wide screen mantra,” explains Rebecca. “Remembering to put myself first and in turn making myself a better, more present person, she notes. “Prioritise Pleasure” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Rebecca Lucy Taylor.