Strange Boy – Holy / Unholy (Album)

Not only is Strange Boy’s debut album outstanding, Holy / Unholy is one of the best albums of 2021. The album’s ten tracks are filled with masterful lyricsm, passion and poetry. Strange Boy is much like a painter, the way that he is able describe emotions, events and scenery.

“It was also the worst possible time for me to write an album,” Strange Boy reveals. “There was a lot of suffering going on within my family.” It’s admirable that he was able to persevere through what was clearly a difficult time and create something so special. Strange Boy blends his hard hitting raps with traditional Irish music which gives this a sound that’s rather unique.

The album features fellow Limerick-based rapper Hazey Haze, Strange Boy’s brother Seán McNally Kelly and Grammy-winning Irish folk singer, songwriter and harpiststar Moya Brennan. It was The music was composed and produced by Enda Gallery during lockdown.

It includes former Song of The Day “Waiting”, and “Prayers”. Holy / Unholy is out now on Apple Music and Spotify. If you need any further example of Strange Boy’s brilliance then checkout his performance at The Great Escape Online Festival 2021.

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