Novaa – This Ain’t Your Home (Video)

Trigger Warning: mention of sexual abuse.

Novaa returns with her very poignant Song of The Day, “This Ain’t Your Home”. The Berlin based alt-pop artist opens up about and details what must have been a traumatizing experience on the song. “‘This Ain’t Your Home’ came into being when I started realising that I had been sexually abused,” she explains. “It’s bizarre that very often you don’t see the harm that was done to you until somebody does not treat you harmfully,” Novaa notes. It’s hard not to be moved by the song which covers such a difficult subject. “Writing this song was healing for me, as it was healing for me to speak up about this,” Novaa says. “This Ain’t Your Home” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

If you or someone that you know is affected by the topics covered in this song then please remember that you are not alone. “Even if at times it can feel lonely to face your struggles, you are never alone with them,” says Novaa. “Speak up, talk to your family, your friends, your loved ones.” And if you don’t feel comfortable doing that or you can’t then there many support services available, such as here in the UK or here in the US.

Directed by Alexandra Lehti.

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