RⱯHM – tree in a sidewalk (Video)

RⱯHM wrote his beautiful new single, “tree in a sidewalk”, on the way to a gig in Milwaukee. It’s a stripped back, glitchy and soulful song exploring the power of optimism and positivity in times of hardship. “You can look at something like a pitiful little elm, planted in a rusty meagre old sidewalk grill in a vast useless parking lot of some empty Party City in middle America, and not think to yourself how horrible everything is. Can you imagine?,” explains RⱯHM. “I had a conversation with a very special someone who thought differently and this [song] is about that conversation,” he concludes. Be mindful that you won’t find the Indiana-based artist on social media, he speaks of a dislike and distrust in the platforms. Haveing seen some of Netflix documentary The Social Dilema, I fully understand where he’s coming from. “tree in a sidewalk” is today’s Song of The Day and it’s out now on Apple Music aswell as Spotify.