Shenie Fogo – To The Sky (Video)

Photo Credit: Tyra Blomgren

Having released her debut EP, Self, last year Shenie Fogo returns with her follow up single, “To The Sky”. She has now taken creative control and is now directing her videos, editing the images as well as writing all her music. It was a good move, judging from her new single. “´To The Sky´ is the first song from my new project where I have written all the songs by myself in my bedroom”, Shenie says. “It’s a very personal song that reflects my thoughts about feeling very little in this world and having big dreams that keeps you pushing even when it feels like you want to give up,” she adds. “To The Sky” is the first taste of the British/Jamaican and Swedish born, singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album which should be good if it’s anything like this. “To The Sky” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Shenie Fogo.