Lewis Del Mar – Rosalie (CH. II) (Video)

The pain in the lyrics juxtapose with the upbeat production on New York duo, Lewis Del Mar’s new single “Rosalie (CH. II)”. That’s by design, as the song was inspired by trip to the shops that ended up haunting the band many years later. They were holding their annual 4th of July party when one member of the band went to get some more booze. “when I turned the corner onto the neighbouring street,I heard a sound that froze me: a woman screaming in a tone so sharp it split the sky,” they explained. It was a mother mourning the loss of her son, oblivious to this less than a hundred yards away they were partying with friends. Even now there’s alot going on with the world and the band wrestled with whether to release new music. They chose to go ahead but are donating the first week of streaming proceeds from Rosalie to Arts in Parts. It’s a nonprofit organization in Rockaway that educates local students of color on ocean ecology and environmental protection. “Rosalie (CH. II)” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Kao Cheng Kai.

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