Brooke Annibale – Home Again (Video)

Photo Credit: Ryan Mastro

Brooke Annibale’s new single “Home Again”, is made even more special when you learn about the story behind it. “I wrote this song at the beginning of a relationship: a song about falling in love, figuring out how to communicate our love for one another, and ultimately build a life and home together,” explained Brooke. A year after writing it, she proposed to her girlfriend and together they began making plans for their wedding. “Sadly, like everything in 2020, the wedding had to be postponed. But this specific day still weighs heavily in my mind, so to honor it, I decided to release this song (on the day that she was supposed get married),” Brooke said. It must have been difficult to have their wedding postponed but I hope that this beautiful song and video can bring the couple some joy. “Home Again” is today’s Song of The Day and it’s out now (Apple Music/ Spotify).

Written by Brooke Annibale.
Filmed by Ryan Mastro.