Tuesday, 12 May 2020

J Hus - Big Conspiracy (Album Review)

Big Conspiracy’s mix of Afrobeat and Dancehall inspired production is the backdrop for J Hus’s melodic choruses which are accompanied by gritty and stark bars. On "Deeper Than Rap" J Hus raps, "I had to fill up the candy with some medicine," and that kind of summarises him and the album.

Perhaps the best example of this is "Must Be". A song which mentions things like ‘opp’, ‘beef’ and ‘corn’ but has gone far further than your average drill song which . The song was playlisted on daytime radio and I've even heard it played in shops. A song about someone behaving like they're an enemy rather than a friend. Wow.

Even on the Burna Boy assisted "Play Play" Hus talks about guns throughout. Making this your not so typical song for the ladies. J Hus’ verses on it are basically just him interchanging different models of guns as innuendos.

"I'm from the roads so you don't think that I'm intelligent" - J Hus on "Deeper Than Rap"
There are many tools that artists usually use in order to try and reach more people and ensure the success of an album. J Hus did none of them. He was able to secure the number 1 spot on the UK album chart without a single music video, tour or press run. Props to him.

Best songs:

Rating 4/5
Not all is at seems, according to J Hus at least. That seems to be the underlying theme of Big Conspiracy. As J Hus asks, “There's no law, how can I be law abiding?,” on the album’s title track. This is a good album and there’s enough here for J Hus’s core target audience aswell as those that may not pay so much attention to lyrics and may just enjoy upbeat tracks with good melodies. J Hus's new album, Big Conspiracy, is out now on Apple Music and Spotify

By @OscarWrites

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