GRETA – Hydrogen (Video)

“Hydrogen” is the new single from Danish-German artist GRETA (all caps). It’s a funky Pop song that explores how light finds its way into us, especially in dark times. “I started thinking about why stars shine. And how we as people receive and transmit light. How can the light reach my innermost core, when it feels like the darkness is sitting right there, where my chest seals itself off and is at its hardest and most impenetrable?,” GRETA explained. “In a way, hydrogen is an explosive catalyst for light – and in the song this becomes a synonym for conquering the darkness within,” she added. “Hydrogen” is the second single to be taken from GRETA’s forthcoming EP, Ardent Spring Part II, following “Daughter” which she released earlier this year. “Hydrogen” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Benjamin Mørch.

Photo credit: Waalizcek.
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