Jords – Almost An Adult (Film)

Almost An Adult is a short film by London based rapper, singer and producer Jords. The vibrant, intimate and honest film explores Jords’ relationships with his family, lover and friends. “This film is the truest representation of me as an artist and as a man” Jords said when speaking about the film. “This represents the journey that I had to take on the way to becoming a man and creating this body of work, has been one the most challenging, yet most rewarding things I have ever done.” The film features “Halos” (featuring Thea Gajic), “Mrs Chambers Kitchen, Pt. 2”, “Rose Tinted Glasses” (featuring Jaz Karis) and “Patterned” (featuring Dotty). All of the songs are taken from Almost An Adult: The Soundtrack which will be released on 15th May, you can pre-order it now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Curtis Essel & Nwabugo.
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