ALA.NI – Papa (Video)

I love hearing good music and ALA.NI’s “Papa” is exactly that. “This song started out as a poem, written for a girlfriend with recurring dramas with men,” the UK-born, Paris-based artist explained. However, “She quickly exclaimed ‘that is a song lyric!,” when ALA.NI read it to her. ALA.NI took it back to Paris and began working on the song and the production.  The resulting song is remarkable, featuring rhythmic chants, vocal harmonies and it was all done without instruments! “Only vocals and a beatboxer. Studio walls were banged, chests, faces tapped and slapped and also a Cuban butt, all to create the percussion,” ALA.NI said when talking about the production. “Papa” is today’s Song of The Day and it’s out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Tania Feghali.