Best EPs of 2014

Compiling this list was more of a joy than a chore as I got to revisit many of the EPs that I’ve posted in the past year and I came across some gems that I’d missed. Scroll down to see what I’ve unearthed. 

Odessa – Odessa EP
California based singer-songwriter Odessa’s self titled debut EP is stunning. Even more so because she was a backing violinist until she suffered a bike accident that was a nearly fatal. It was after the accident that she decided to take her own music more serious and decided to pursue her solo career. This is easily one of the best Folk/ Country releases from 2014. Odessa’s self titled debut EP is available now on iTunes and Google Play.

Blackbear – The Afterglow EP
An emotional Pop EP, filled with wonderful harmonies; Blackbear’s The Afterglow EP is out now on iTunes and Google Play.

BRAQUE’s V1CES EP has a dark and dirty Pop sound that is a refreshing break from much of the music you can find in today’s charts. As good as the EP is, “An Ode To Josie” and BRAQUE’s bass laden Everything But The Girl cover are proof that he can make music for a commercial audience. You can download BRAQUE’s V1CES EP for free from BRAQUE’s Soundcloud page.

Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells EP
I dare you to try and not start dancing/ moving in some way when listening to Cashmere Cat’s Wedding Bells EP. At four tracks long it’s hardly the lengthiest of EPs, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. Cashmere Cat’s Wedding Bells EP is available on iTunes and Google Play

Dustin Tebbutt – Bones EP
Dustin Tebbutt’s Bones EP is beautiful from beginning to end. It’s a tender, touching and highly emotive EP that is hard to not to like. Dustin’s Bones EP is available on now on iTunes and Google Play.

The EP has a laid back and slightly chilled feel to it, while borrowing from Urban genres such as Grime and Hip Hop to deliver a beautiful forward thinking take on RnB. Etta Bond couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate name for her EP if she tried, #COOLURBANNEWTALENT EP is available to download from Etta Bond’s Bandcamp page.

George The Poet – The Chicken and Egg EP
George The Poet is an incredible lyricist, who has mastered the art of story telling. George’s Chicken and Egg EP can definitely get heavy at times, such is the amount of content and level of consciousness in the music. But it is exactly that which makes the EP so good, at a time when many of George’s rapping peers are making music confined to Hip Hop and Grime’s stereotypical subjects it’s great to see someone break free. From the EP’s concept, to its lyrics and songs; The Chicken and Egg EP is easily one of 2014’s best. George The Poet’s The Chicken and Egg EP is available now on iTunes and Google Play.

LIZ – Just Like You EP
The fact that LIZ’s Just Like You EP was released by Diplo’s Mad Decent label is a sign of what to expect. The EP features upbeat RnB jams, a bit of House & Garage and loads of bass! If this isn’t EP of the year 2014 then it’s definitely close, you can download LIZ’s Just Like You EP for free from Mad Decent’s Soundcloud page.

Maxine Ashley – Mood Swings EP
There’s alot of RnB music on this list and I didn’t realise that until now. But that’s not a bad thing, it’s just a reflection of the music that was released this year. Bronx based singer Maxine Ashley’s Mood Swings EP is another highlight from 2014. Maxine Ashley’s Mood Swings EP is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Prides – Mixtape 2014
Prides’ Mixtape 2014 is not a traditional one; the mixtape is a live performance of the Glaswegian band’s favourite songs from 2014. Not only do the band have good taste but they also put a new spin on the songs, which makes each of the songs even more enjoyable. If I had one quibble with this, it’s that an audio version needs to be available so we can listen to this splendid performance when out and about. But other than that this mixtape is one of 2014’s best!

Raye – Welcome To The Winter EP
The fact that Welcome To The Winter was South London RnB singer Raye’s debut EP is scary. Picking a highlight is hard such is the high quality of Raye’s music, but “Bet U Wish” and “Birdsong” are pretty special.  Raye’s Welcome To The Winter EP is available to download for free from

SYKES – Gold Dust EP
SYKES’ Gold Dust EP is filled with upbeat jams, with an Indie Pop sound that increase in quality song by song. New music is easy to find, but new projects (albums or EPs) filled with good music can be like gold dust at the best of times. So with music this good it is a surprise that SYKES don’t have a bigger following on social networks.  SYKES’ Gold Dust EP is out now on iTunes and Google Play.

The Staves – Blood I Bled EP
At just under 15 minutes in length, the EP’s three tracks will be finished before you know it. It’s almost as if The Staves are teasing the listener, such is the quality of the songs that you’ll wish there were more! Blood I Bled is a delightful appetiser for what’s come on The Staves’ follow up to their debut album. The Staves’ Blood I Bled EP is out now on iTunes and Google Play.

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