Highly Recommended: The Staves – Blood I Bled EP

Today, Watford Folk trio The Staves (Emily, Jessica, and Camilla Staveley-Taylor) released their new Blood I Bled EP. It’s been a while since they’ve released new material and their previous releases good reviews from critics (checkout their debut album Dead & Born & Grown if you haven’t already), so the new EP deserved a review.

The Staves are at their best on the EP’s first track “Open”; beautiful harmonies and stirring production that lets the sisters vocals shine. The beat is an interesting one, with an arrangement that is more akin to Hip Hop than Folk.

While “Blood I Bled” is by no means a bad song, the EP’s title track is not nearly as good as the other two songs. It was produced by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, who also produced The Staves’ new album, on which the song will feature. There’s a little too much going on compared to the EP’s other songs which makes it hard to enjoy the song and connect take in the vocals.

“America” is a beautiful acoustic song, that you’ll wish wasn’t Blood I Bled‘s last. At just under 15 minutes in length, the EP’s three tracks will be finished before you know it. It’s almost as if The Staves are teasing the listener, such is the quality of the songs that you’ll wish there were more! Blood I Bled is a delightful appetiser for what’s come on The Staves’ Justin Vernon follow up to their debut album. The Staves’ Blood I Bled EP is out now on iTunes and Google Play.