Review: FaithSFX – Man Or Machine

So, FaithSFX is announcing himself to the world with debut album Man Or Machine, building on previous single releases such as the 2006 UK Grime smash “Oh My”. Man Or Machine represents the latest in the line of predominantly Grime/UK Urban albums. However, unlike 90% of the albums in that line this one isn’t crap. Which is a victory in itself! It starts well with 2 of the stand out tracks in “Flying High” and “Hanging On” amongst the first 4 tracks (the intro sounds good too!).

Look at the track list and you’ll notice the ‘A list/Real Madrid-esque’ line up of the UK’s finest MC’s. Featured acts include but are not limited to: Maxsta, Wretch 32, P. Money, Ghetts and Black The Ripper. Don’t be fooled into thinking that he’s one of those producers who can’t hold a track by himself, *cough* Swizz Beatz *cough* as “Inspiration” proves. “Inspiration” is one of the tracks that I see having potential for success amongst the more casual main stream listeners. As it features the now popular dubstep sound and is topped with good singing and decent lyrics.

I find myself baffled, perplexed even at the mind boggling level of intoxication that would have been required to make the decision to include the “Cipher” skit. It breaks up the album and removes momentum from the listening experience. Akin to Usain Bolt pausing mid sprint in the 100m men’s final at London 2012 to show us his juggling! SMH.

You could say that some of the tracks sound predictable within the realm of UK urban music. An example being: “Inspiration” – dubstep/wobble bass/same-old beat pattern. At least that means fans will get more of what they know and love.

This album has something for almost everyone. Not every song was to my taste though. I found “Play Hard” with Wretch 32 to be very monotonous sounding (beat) and I struggled to get all the way through it 3rd time around. But, it has Wretch 32 so you know at least the lyrics are on point.

In 5 words: “several good tracks, decent album”

Worth a listen:
“Hanging On”
“Flying High”
“Road Trip”
“Revolution Music”

FaithSFX’s new album Man Or Machine is available to purchase now from the links below: