New Album Releases: Week 20 2010

Artist: Nas & Damian Marley
Album Title: Distant Relatives
Release date: 17/05/2010

What the critics say:
“It’s thoughtful, sincere, weighty stuff” – Guardian

“Front to back, this album provides no filler and boasts substance. In a genre-bending effort, the duo manages to succeed in creating a best of both worlds collaboration without compromising anything – a feat rarely seen”-HipHopDX

Lead Single:

“As We Enter”

Artist: Kelis
Album Title: Flesh Tone
Release date: 17/05/2010

What the critics say:
“It only improves with further listens, the rich layering revealing itself and the hooks bedding in. It’s a sensual and exhilarating album, and Kelis is a unique treasure” – BBC Music

“Flesh Tone may break no new musical ground, but it’s very good.” – Guardian

Lead Single:

Artist: Reflection Eternal
Album Title: Revolutions Per Minute
Release date: 18/05/2010

What the critics say:
“a slew of clever rhymes and bubbling beats that will leave heads fiendin’ for more. The Brooklynati duo delivered another winner” –

“Hi-Tek remains a generous collaborator whose jazz-inflected riffs and soulful vibes bring out the best in the mercurial MC” – Spin

Lead Singles:
“Midnight Hour” ft Estelle

“Strangers (Paranoid)” ft Bun B

“In This World” Widgets