Billie Flynn – Hey Stranger EP

Billie Flynn first emerged back in the summer with her wonderful debut single “Hey Stranger”. A few months and a few singles later she is back with her debut EP, Hey Stranger.

It’s an emotive project that centres around a significant loss that occurred while Billie was a teenager. She addresses this most directly on the EP’s final track, “Forever Goodbye”.

“It’s when you realise that this goodbye is going to be the last one,” Billie says while speaking about the song. “that all of these places and smells will always be tainted with the memory of that person.”

This is one of 2021’s best debut projects and most certainly one of the best EPs to have been released this year. Hey Stranger also includes “Someone’s Daughter” and “The Good Girl”. Hey Stranger, is out now and you can listen to it in full below.

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