Zachary Knowles – tendency to be a loner (Video)

Photo Credit: Stefan Kohli.

Rising pop/ RnB artist, Zachary Knowles announces his debut album, tendency to be a loner, by sharing his video for the title track. Zachary has been one of the best new acts to emerge in the past year, so it’s great to hear this news. His debut album will be released on August 6th via FADER Label.

“This album is about my introverted nature,” Knowles reveals. “Some days I wanna be alone and some days I wanna get out. This album represents the highs and lows of that struggle,” he continues.

“I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself, so music, and especially this song, has allowed me to do that,” Knowles says. “I think really describes what it feels like being an introvert,” he concludes. Zachary ‘s new single, “tendency to be a loner”, is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Jonah George.

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