Amber Run – 52 Blue

Photo Credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes.

Indie three piece, Amber Run return with “52 Blue”, an atmospheric, soul searching song. The band explains, “this song is as existential as it gets. Why are we here? Why do I feel like this? When will it change? Could it change at all?.” It is their first release in a year and a half and since learning that their breakthrough single “I Found” is now platinum in the US.

Singer and guitarist, Joe Keogh, describes the song as telling the story of the world’s loneliest whale. “A blue whale that sings at a different pitch from all the others and swims the ocean calling out to no reply,” he notes. “Searching for an answer it wouldn’t be able to hear or understand,” he concludes. It’s a heartbreaking tale and and the song is equally touching. “52 Blue” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify

The band have also just annouced an Autumn UK tour which you can find out more info for here. They will also be playing a special Live to Vinyl session where they’ll lay down tracks for a limited-edition vinyl recording which will be sent out to ticket holders. A very cool idea, the Live to Vinyl live stream is on Thursday 20th May and you can find more details here.