Baby Boys – Cannonball / Duke and the Cash (Videos)

Photo Credit: Graham Tolbert

Minneapolis-based trio Baby Boys have released not one but two epic music videos. Marking their first release since their 2019 debut EP, I’m Set. Press play and enjoy the visual treats below. “Cannonball” and “Duke and the Cash” are out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Baby Boys – Cannonball (Video)
Directed by Hinz.

Their music has been described as, “genre-bending mischief-pop” and it’s clear to see why. When the year’s over and done with, I am sure that this will still be one of the biggest plot twists in a music video this year. I think that we could all do with having a bit more of the rollerblader’s free vibe now and again.

Baby Boys – Duke and the Cash (Video)
The second video is a dance video featuring show stealing performance by Buff Correll. Seeing is beleiving.