Knomad Spock – Papillon

Poet, rapper and folk songwriter, Knomad Spock reveals his spectacular debut single “Papillon”. It is the first taste of his forthcoming debut album which he wrote in Saudi, Thailand and Scotland. He describes being, “buzzing and elevated by the experience,” after the first day of working with the album’s producer, Jamie Smith. The song’s lyrics are about, “love, coronavirus, all my anxieties of the kind of human being I am,” says Knomad Spock. “It came from the subconscious and hit me in a way that nothing artistically had done before,” he explains, speaking about the writing process. Knomad Spock’s debut album will be released via Hinterland Creative, a new platform from LIFE drummer Stewart Baxter for creative projects, collaborations, artistic outlet, music, and design from a handpicked collective of northern artists. “Papillon” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.