Maggie Miles – My Motivation Died. (Video)

Maggie Miles opens up about her struggle with anxiety and depression with her new single, “My Motivation Died.”. She explains, “I don’t serve you these words with anticipation of praise, but rather, a finger pointing toward hope.” It’s a courageous thing to do but it will hopefully help others who are in the same position Maggie was in take the steps to getting the help that they need. Speaking about the video Maggie says, “It’s an emotional exploitation, each scene a bit more absurd than the former, showcasing the journey mental health can lead through over the course of a single day.” The song is taken from Maggie’s debut album, Am I Drowning or Am I Just Learning How to Swim, which has just been released.”My Motivation Died.” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify. Additionaly, you can also watch Maggie’s live acoustic performance of the song here.

Directed by Slater Goodson.