James Blake – Before EP

2020 has been a busy year for James Blake, he’s released a number of singles and also collaborated with the likes of slow thai not once but twice. Now the producer and singer-songwriter has released a new project, Before EP. “When lockdown started I became instantly frustrated that I couldn’t go and DJ or go to any clubs. I think I made this EP as a kind of response,” Blake says. “It’s taken me many years to figure out how I was gonna actually sing on dance music essentially and then I finally did a version of that on this EP,” he adds. The EP contains four new and previously unreleased tracks, with James bringing a soulful, introspective interpolation of dance music. “I realise that it seems like a sick twisted sense of humour to actually release this during a time when no one can go to clubs but I think that’s what people have come to expect from me,” he notes. James Blake’s Before EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.

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