Deep Sea Diver – Impossible Weight (Album)

Seattle based band, Deep Sea Diver share their empowering new album, Impossible Weight. It follows their sophomore album, Secrets, which the band released in 2016. The new album includes the title track “Impossible Weight” featuring Sharon Van Eaton, “Lights Out” and current single “Wishing”. The band are led by Jessica Dobson (formerly lead guitarist for Beck, The Shins and more) who was forced to deal with the depression she’d been struggling with following a year of touring with Wilco. Speaking about the album she explains, “I hope it helps them [listeners] recognize that it’s okay to fall apart, and that they’re meant to let others in instead of trying to work through everything on their own.” She reveals, “the point is that the impossible weight isn’t yours to carry alone – that’s why it’s impossible.” Impossible Weight is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.