Ella Grace – Pieces

For the last 8 years Ella Grace has been fostering a community of women both online and offline through her ReWilding podcast series, retreats and courses. As if being an inspirational leader wasn’t enough, Ella is also a singer/songwriter. Her new soulful single, “Pieces”, explores a difficult break up that she experienced. “When I wrote Pieces I was in the midst of the breakdown of a very intense love affair with the first woman I’d ever been with,” Ella explains. “I was experiencing this constant kind of primal yearning for this woman that was just spilling out of me,” Ella says. Incredibly this was the first song that Ella wrote after a two year break from music, so it will be interesting to hear what she else she was able to produce given that this sounds so good. “Pieces” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.