Jane & Robaroe – MANCHILD (Video)

Photo Credit: Jane Watson

Jane is the solo project of New York-based singer-songwriter and producer Jane Watson, she collaborates with Leeds-based producer Robaroe on her new single “MANCHILD”. The song was initially a love song until her best friends heard it and said, “it’s cute…but don’t you think you could make it a little more interesting? Lyrics are kinda lame.” That prompted Jane to switch things up, “I did a 180 and wrote a song that is a fantasy of meeting and taunting Donald Trump,” she explains. “It’s a radical, bouncy summer song that’s meant to make all crusty, misogynistic, downright-evil old white men quake in their ugly loafers,” Jane concludes. The bouncy, lush , sun soaked track is today’s Song of The Day. “MANCHILD” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.