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Photo: Sherin Adam

Categorizing London singer Phoenix Martins’ music is not an easy task. But one thing’s for sure, her latest release the 47 EP, is a beauty. The music has a minimal yet experimental sound that’s rooted in RnB. The production is sparse and dark at times, allowing Phoenix Martins to be front and centre. The EP even begins with a track titled “Minimal”! “47 is my angel number, about a year ago, I started seeing the numbers 4 & 7 everywhere, digital clocks, whenever I looked at my phone it would be 7.47 etc,” Phoenix said when speaking about the EP’s title. “So I looked it up and the numbers translated as inner-wisdom, enlightenment, mysticism, individualism, spiritual awakening and that I am on the right path in life.” If Phoenix’s 47 EP is anything to go by, then she certainly is on the right path. Looking forward to hearing more from this talented lady.