Highly Recommended: Mieke – Sleeping Alone

Mieke is a Toronto based singer-songwriter who is finally ready to release the music that she has wanted to make after years of hard work. “I’ve been in problematic situations with producers and major labels over the last few years,” Mieke says. “Either people tried to take the project in a direction that felt artificial, or I had to sign on for a career without creative involvement.” You’ll be glad that Mieke stuck to her guns, after hearing new track “Sleeping Alone”. Mieke is open and vulnerable on the song which is beautiful and simple in its production. “I needed to make something honest and raw,” she explains. “Something strange and vulnerable. Something thoughtful and free. Something that was authentic to where I’m at.” The song was produced by Don Kerr who also worked on Mieke’s fortchomig debut EP with Howie Beck (Feist, Hayden, Bahamas). Mieke’s debut EP will be released on August 28th and you can download “Sleeping Alone” for free on the player below.