Angel Haze – Impossible

Over the past year Angel Haze been “locked away in a dungeon” recording her new album, Back To The Woods. She recorded a staggering amount of songs, over 130 songs to be exact, but has since narrowed them down to 12 for her new album. The album was entirely produced by Angel Haze’s brother, Tk Kayembe who’s thumping tribal production shine’s on new single “Impossible”. It’s an aggressive song with some coarse lyrics and even the rapper herself was surprised by some of the lyrics admitting, “I was like woah, I didn’t even release I said half of this stuff because it was mostly a freestyle.” The most distressing lyrics include “consider suicide, I do that these days”, “Google search how to make a grenade/ Top of my aim” and “I got my middle finger up to white America, for trying to white wash my blackness.” Angel Haze’s new album Back To The Woods, which will be released on August 31st, “Impossible” is out now on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.