Introducing Nick Brewer

“guys are more concerned with making popular songs
than speaking from the heart, that’s where they got it on all wrong” – Nick Brewer on “Nikes On My Feet”

British rappers are in a sorry state at the moment, even though UK ‘Urban music’ is probably enjoying its most successful period for a long time. Their songs are now confined to the Dance beat/ singer on chorus template, which is getting boring now. So I was glad when I came across London rapper, Nick Brewer’s music.

Much of Nick’s music contains an honesty and openness that is hard to find in much of the music that is currently being released by British rappers/MC’s. “Questions” is a key example of this.

“I guess I just feel it’s important to try and say something worthwhile. I remember being young and listening to rappers and idolising what they would talk about, so if people are listening to me I want them to be able to take something positive away from it. I feel like everyone has got something to say, but a lot of the time I feel like some rappers waste the opportunity they have to share something meaningful with their listeners. I work with young people, and often see a lot of young people not fulfilling the potential they have, so if i can encourage people through music then I try and do that.” – Nick Brewer

Nick has been into music from a young age, thanks to his father. He encouraged the young Nick to play learn to play musical instruments such as the drums, the guitar and even DJing too! Nick’s love of Hip Hop music however has an interesting beginning, “he also bought me a Puff Daddy single too when I was young, and opened my eyes to rap music. I thought Puff Daddy was the best rapper ever for quite a while haha. I started taking rapping seriously when I was about 19, as I felt like I had something to say.”

Although some of Nick’s music is clearly influenced by early 90’s music (see “Nikes On My Feet”)  it is clear that Nick’s music is also influenced by musicians outside of the Hip Hop spectrum. Speaking on his biggest influences Nick said, “rappers like Nas, Eminem and Big L are huge influences on me. Bands such as Incubus and Kings of Leon have been a big influence too. Oh and George Benson too! Big up my dad for showing me about him! His music is so smooth. I try and listen to a lot of different musical genres, in the hope that I can take ideas from them when I’m making my own music.

If you’re wondering who Nick Brewer is listening to at the moment, he listed Mumford & Sons, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel and 2 Chainz as his current favourites.

2013 looks like it will be a busy year for the London rapper so look out for Nick’s music! “I’ve got an EP coming out very soon. That’s there ready and waiting. I just shot the video for the lead single at the weekend. I’ve got loads of other music too that I’m looking to put out this year as well.”

Nick Brewer

Twitter: @ItsNickBrewer