PREVIEW: Natalia Kills – Perfectionist

WOW. From what I’ve heard from Natalia Kills’s debut album Perfectionist, she’s perfected the art of making a hit song and has a monster on her hands. This album is littered with sure fire hits such as “Zombie” and her new single “Wonderland”

There are obvious similarities to be made between her and Lady Gaga; from Natalia’s sound, her eccentricities and not least her being signed to Akon’s Kon Live records (see the Akon produced “Mirrors” for further evidence). The question is not whether Perfectionist will be a good album, because that seems certain. The question is whether Natalia will be able to emerge from Lady Gaga’s shadow and become a star in her own right, making the Gaga comparisons unneccesary.

Natalia Kills’s debut album Perfectionist is released on 12th April and you can Pre-Order it below:

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